by priyasaraswat

Hi! I am Priya ❤️

I see products as a canvas waiting to be transformed through design. With a passion for blending form and functionality, I thrive in the dynamic realm where creativity and technology meets strategy and innovation.

Born and brought up in the northern region of India, I spent the my childhood and early days of adulthood soaking in the culture and diversities of different parts of India. I am currently based out of Seattle, Washington, and calling it a second home since 2016.

I am a computer-science graduate turned product designer turned design manager 🙂

Over the course of several years, I have learned how to approach and generate solutions for ambiguous and complex product problems, how to collaborate and communicate effectively in different settings ranging from working remotely to working with diverse teams and how to bring your authentic self in your professional life. 

Interested to know more about my journey, hit me up with an email.